Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Chi Kung dissolves tension in mind and body

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The concept of balance is essential in the Chinese approach to health

Tai Chi Chuan And Benefits

Today people from all walks of life all practise Tai Chi – a sequence of unhurried, flowing movements that encapsulate the essence of calm and tranquillity. But its roots may lie in the 14th century, with a taoist named Chang Sang-Feng. According to legend, he created 13 self-defence postures based on his observations of animals and birds in the wild. Whatever its true origins, Tai Chi Chuan was first taught in the west in the 1960s and continues to captivate those who learn it. 

Yes, many of our students come from a range of backgrounds including shiatsu, reflexology, yoga, reiki etc. Tai Chi Chuan can give you greater insight into many different disciplines

The introductory course is designed for you to try out Tai Chi for a reasonable period to see whether it is for you. Try to attend every class as there is a sequence of movements to grasp in the early lessons while in the later ones you will be introduced to the Tai Chi principles generisk viagra pris. There will be moments where the instructor will leave you to work on the movements by yourself. This is to allow you time to absorb what you have been shown. Think of the instructor as a guide to your journey

The Tai Chi Chuan form is a soft, flowing, low-impact exercise uniquely beneficial to everybody – regardless of age, sex or health. People have achieved great results by using Tai Chi Chuan to rebuild mental and physical strength, relieve the effects of muscle/joint disorders, lower blood pressure, manage stress and many other conditions. At more advanced levels you can use fast, slow, powerful or relaxed movement. So the opportunity is there to increase the scope of what you do as your strength, health and skills improve. At each stage the choice is yours

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